Corporate Consulting

From entrepreneur to entrepreneur.

Our corporate consulting services provide our clients with support for optimal planning of their overall tax, financial, and/or legal situation.

We also offer entrepreneurs support for establishing new companies and for raising fresh capital by preparing business plans, sales and profitability forecasts, and developing liquidity plans.

In terms of corporate issues, one of our focal points is advising our clients on investment and financing decisions, such as buying or leasing, and factoring.

Helping our clients with bank rating procedures associated with Basel II is another one of our priorities.

  •  Investment and Financing Advice

Investments require considerable forethought. If you act too quickly, you may be tying up your money at unfavorable terms for many years. We provide reliable advice and the necessary foresight.

  • Advice on bank financing
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Advice on the use of various financing tools, such as leasing, factoring, etc.
  • Support for your company during rating procedures by banks
  • Company valuations
  • Review of possible subsidies
  • Preparation of liquidity plans
  • Accompanying and supporting clients at bank meetings
  • Introduction of cost accounting
  • Periodic monitoring of target figures, e.g., using financial control tools
  • Planning certainty for your investment
  • Profit optimization
  • Interest savings
  • Avoidance of payment bottlenecks due to deficient financing
  •  Business Management Consulting

In these fast-paced times, companies must always be up-to-date on what is happening in the business world. It is important that you have a handle on your finances, and therefore your company. We help you implement your business plans. It starts with analyzing your company and recommending steps to optimize and secure your business.

  • Preparation of cost accounting calculations
  • Financial control during the course of the year, e.g., preparation of a financial control report, actual/target comparison with management analysis (Betriebswirtschaftliche Auswertung – BWA)
  • Drawing up of industry comparisons
  • Consulting on crisis management and restructuring
  • Set-up of an early warning system
  • Preparation of management analyses (Betriebswirtschaftliche Auswertungen – BWAs) for banks
  • Periodic monitoring of measures introduced
  • Company valuation for purchase or sale of a company
  • Consulting on company pensions
  • Human resources cost planning
  • Timely identification of weaknesses in your company
  • Sound pricing and historical costing calculations thanks to knowledge of contribution margin
  • Knowledge of which products are moneymakers
  • Early identification of cost increases
  • Foundation for discussions, such as discussions with employees
  •  Advice for Business Start-ups

Sound planning is the cornerstone of starting a business. We work with you to develop your business plan and assist you with the entire business start-up process. We also take into account all contingencies so that you can start up your company smoothly with no hiccups.

  • Preliminary discussion of your project to obtain all key information
  • Preparation of a course of action (list of actionable items), so that nothing important is forgotten
  • Selection of optimal legal form
  • Drawing up of a report on the prospects for success of a planned new company
  • Preparation of budgets, e.g., business plan, capital requirements planning; advice and support for your new company by way of monitoring of target achievement
  • Accompanying and supporting clients at bank meetings
  • Review of possible subsidies
  • Help and support in setting up financial accounting system
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Review of important contracts*

*In cooperation with our network of lawyers and notaries, when necessary

  • Sound planning provides you with certainty about the success of your new company
  • Assistance in obtaining information, such as industry data and company comparisons
  • Assistance with implementing your business idea
  • Detailed opinion on your project
  • Improved public image due to cooperation with tax advisor
  •  Transaction Consulting

If you are planning to expand your company by acquisition or merger, or reorganize, restructure, or even sell your company, our interdisciplinary teams and network of auditors, tax advisors, lawyers, management consultants, and restructuring specialists are at your disposal.

  • M&A consulting
  • Company valuations
  • Special audits
  • Arbitrator’s opinions
  • Due diligence
  • Corporate succession
  • Public-private partnership (PPP) projects
  • Advice on issuing securities
  • Valuation services tailored to your individual needs
  • Full-service support for corporate restructuring
  • Advising as auditor, consultant, or neutral expert
  • Obtaining of reliable data about the target company
  • Provision of criteria for decision-making
  • Risk-opportunity analysis as a basis for calculations
  •  Restructuring Advice and Insolvency

Overcoming crises that threaten the existence of companies and restructuring companies sustainably are extremely complex and challenging undertakings both for management as well as the owners and all creditors. Along with our partners (restructuring specialists / insolvency administrators), we have the specialized knowledge and many years of practical experience to get the job done. For the external consultants or managers involved in the process, these are mandatory conditions for putting companies back on the right track quickly.

  • Advice on restructuring
  • Preparation of restructuring concepts
  • Insolvency audits
  • Preparation of insolvency plans
  • Cash audits
  • Insolvency accounting
  • Company valuations
  • Restructuring
  • Financing advice
  • Preparation for meeting with bank
  • Assessment of solvency and possible overindebtedness
  • Protection for management or limitation of management liability
  • Strategic reorganization of the company and resource optimization
  • Crisis management and insolvency prevention
  •  Meetings with Banks

Without excellent preparation, meetings with banks can quickly turn out differently than you planned. In many cases, details can be critical in extending credit or setting terms. We prepare you optimally for your meeting at the bank and will even accompany you upon request.

  • Preparation of all necessary documents for the meeting with the bank, e.g., balance sheet and ratio analyses
  • Discussion in advance to prepare for meeting with bank
  • Accompanying clients to bank meetings
  • Review of alternative financing options, such as debt restructuring
  • Preparation for rating process, analysis of strengths and weaknesses
  • Calculation of prepayment penalties
  • Preparation of statement of liabilities
  • Preparation of management analyses (Betriebswirtschaftliche Auswertungen – BWAs) for banks
  • Business planning
  • Investment planning
  • Calculation assistance
  • Support for upcoming credit negotiations
  • Possible interest savings, best loan terms
  • Best preparation for upcoming meetings with bank