Private Investment Advice

Planning for the Medium to Long Term

In providing private investment advice, we mainly focus on planning for our clients’ retirement and securing their future.

Upon request, we will work with our cooperation partners to prepare private financial plans or analyze the asset structures of our private clients. We also shed light on financial and investment models from a business and tax point of view to facilitate understanding for our clients. Another key feature of our consulting services for private client investments is providing early advice on property succession, while naturally taking full account of the client’s wishes, such as setting up a foundation.

Thanks to our traditionally trusting and close relationships with our clients, we are also your ideal partner when it comes to estate planning or executing wills. Preparing carefully considered instructions while you are still alive can avoid subsequent disputes among your heirs to a large extent.

  •  Investment Advice

Private client investments are a key aspect of investment advising in general. Investments require considerable forethought. This is all the more true for long-term investment decisions. Our advisory services provide you with the necessary overview regardless of the investment you choose.

  • Analysis of your existing asset structure
  • Drawing up of long-term financial plans
  • Advice on planned financial and asset investments, taking into account tax issues
  • Preparation of private statements of assets and liabilities with prior-year comparisons
  • Preparation of annual cash flow statements for private individuals
  • Periodic monitoring of your asset situation
  • Simulation of specific risks, e.g., the inability to work
  • Simulation of various scenarios
  • Inclusion of company pension options
  • Support in bank meetings
  • Detailed overview of your asset and financial situation, e.g., documents for banks (voluntary disclosure)
  • Inclusion of tax aspects in your wealth planning
  • Identification of pension shortfalls
  • Bank-independent advising, product-neutral investment recommendations
  •  Property Succession Advice

Inheritance and gift tax law is particularly tricky for the layman and is also regularly overhauled. Those who don’t know what they’re doing often lose money. We investigate your alternatives and minimize your financial losses.

  • Establishment of foundations*
  • Execution of wills
  • Advising on planned asset transfers as part of anticipated succession to ensure the optimal utilization of inheritance and gift tax planning options

* In cooperation with our network of lawyers and notaries, when necessary

  • Wills and taxes*
  • Estate management
  • Advice on future care such as living wills, durable powers of attorney for healthcare, etc.
  • Review of important contracts*
  • Accompanying clients to meetings with German notaries

* In cooperation with our network of lawyers and notaries, when necessary

  • Avoidance of additional taxes
  • Avoidance of potential inheritance disputes
  • Implementation of your personal objectives
  • Smooth transfer of your assets to your heirs
  •  Trust Activities

Handing over trust activities requires a great degree of confidence. Treuhand Heidelberg ensures that your interests are reliably represented in compliance with all applicable statutory and contractual provisions.

  • Administration of assets and company shares in the function of a guardian for minor children
  • Representation of your or your company’s interests
  • Advisory board and supervisory board activities
  • Advice on planning in advance of entrepreneurial decisions
  • Review of contracts
  • Involvement of our network of lawyers and German notaries
  • Trusted individual becomes guardian or supervisory board member
  • Support for exercising your rights as a shareholder
  • Optimal tax design by involvement of your minor children
  • Certainty about the acceptability for tax purposes of structure