Family Business

Family Business – A Question of Trust

As an entrepreneur, you know how highly qualified partners are valued. When planning your future, you expect quality and expertise.

Tax design consulting requires close cooperation with you and your family as well as the ability to think outside the box. Your wishes are paramount, and they are the foundation for our pro-active consulting approach. Together, we can determine your goals, identify problems before they occur, and develop strategies that move your company forward.

We provide advice and support, and implement processes. In other words, we take care of all matters important for ensuring the current and future success of your company and for you as a private individual. From conventional tax consulting through business management consulting to private wealth planning, we do it all.

We go above and beyond for you, and offer one-stop shopping for consulting services.

  •  Family Office Services

We offer all standard family office services customized to fit your individual needs.

  • Private financial planning
  • Support for and implementation of asset and tax processes
  • Strategies and planning for growing and preserving wealth
  • Development of tax-optimized succession and transfer plans
  • Support for selecting and coordinating service providers
  • Family office – strategic management of private assets and handling of operations
  • Provision of office infrastructure
  • Company valuations
  • Due diligence for buying/selling companies
  • More freedom
  • One-stop shopping for consulting for companies and their owners
  • All-around consulting taking into account all tax and commercial law aspects
  • Consideration of non-tax issues
  •  Asset Controlling

Do you have a good overview of your assets? We do!

As your consultants, we have a comprehensive picture of your assets. And we consider it our duty to make it transparent for you. This is the most basic requirement for planning and managing your assets. We create this transparency by providing the relevant documentation and analyses tailored to your personal needs. Together with you – and our independent cooperation partners – we develop guidelines for investing your assets. Using these guidelines, controls can then be set up to monitor adherence to these investment standards.

Based on a targeted analysis of your assets taking into account your return expectations and risk appetite, we evaluate your asset class structure. You can then use the results of this service to make investing decisions.

  • Inventory of your assets by asset class
  • Structural analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Comparison of returns
  • Multi-year comparison
  • Transaction services
  • Support for buying/selling companies
  • Transparent picture of your assets
  • Access to the know-how of independent financial services providers (cooperation partners)
  • Foundation for investment decision-making